EMASS 2015

The University of Oxford is delighted to announce the Second Call for Papers for the ninth Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium, EMASS 2015.

Please find the details attached.

EMASS 2015

23rd – 25th April 2015

The Ioannou Centre for Classics and Byzantine Studies

University of Oxford

EMASS is an interactive forum run for, and by, graduate research students. Our focus is the archaeology of the Early Medieval period, roughly the period between the 4th-12th centuries AD in Europe and further afield. This period, often overlooked by traditional archaeological periodisation, is a fascinating and exciting subject for research.

The annual EMASS conference has become a major event at which new and interdisciplinary research is presented in a constructive and encouraging atmosphere. EMASS brings together graduate research students, post-doctoral researchers, independent researchers, and academics from the UK, Europe, and beyond to the benefit of study of the Early Medieval period.

EMASS has always been an inclusive institution and we encourage papers from a range of disciplines, community-led projects, museum based studies, and commercial ventures.

For further information, email us at earlymedievalarchaeology@gmail.com or visit our Website and Facebook Page for updates.

We look forward to welcoming you to EMASS 2015

Abigail Tompkins, Andreas Duering, Sarah Mallet, and Victoria Sainsbury (St Cross College, University of Oxford).

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