Interpreting Transformations of Landscapes and People in Late Antiquity

Interpreting Transformations of Landscapes and People in Late Antiquity

10th-11thOctober 2016

Escuela Española De Historia y Arqueología en Roma –CSIC and
The British School at Rome

Programme/ Schedule

Day 1- EEHAR, via di Santa Eufemia 13 (10th October)

10:30 EEHAR Director’s Greetings

10:35 Introduction to the two-day workshop (N. Christie & P. Diarte Blasco)

*Spain section Chair: Simon Esmonde-Cleary

10:45 La transformazione della società in Hispania nella tarda antichità: 300-700 Javier Arce – Professor emeritus of Roman Archeology. Université Lille 3

11:30 Rural and urban contexts in north-eastern Spain: Examining and interpreting transformations across the 5th – 7th centuries A.D.
Pilar Diarte-Blasco – Marie Sklodowska-Curie researcher, University of Leicester

12:15 Formazione e dinamica di un nuovo paesaggio nel centro della Penisola Iberica (ss. VI-VIII)
Lauro Olmo Enciso – Professor of Archaeology. Universidad de Alcalá 13:00 Discussion & Questions

13:00 Discussion & Questions

*Italy section Chair: Paolo Delogu

15:00 Città e castelli nelI’Italia settentrionale tra V e VII secolo
Gian Pietro Brogiolo – Professor of Medieval Archaeology, Università di Padova

15:45 Villas and beyond. New archaeological insights on the transformation of the late Roman and late antique countryside in northern Italy
Alexandra Chavarría- Professor of Medieval Archaeology, Università di Padova

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 Per omnium villas vicosque cunctos. Riflessioni sui paesaggi rurali di età tardoantica in Italia Meridionale
Giuliano Volpe – Professor of Christian and Medieaval Archaeology, Università di Foggia- &Roberto Goffredo- Researcher, Università di Foggia

17:45 Roma. Trasformazione del paesaggio fra tarda antichità e alto medioevo
Roberto Meneghini – Sovrintendenza di Roma Capitale

18:30 Discussion & Questions

Day 2 – BSR, via A. Gramsci 61 (11th October)

9:15 Greetings from the BSR Director and from N. Christie and P. Diarte Blasco

* North Africa and Trade in the Mediterranean section Chair: Neil Christie

9:25 One, Two, Many Landscapes: Modelling Regional Diversity in Late Antique North Africa
Anna Leone – Reader of Archaeology, University of Durham

10:10 Trade, economy and change: a view from late antique central Italy
Helen Patterson – Independent researcher

10:55 Coffee break

*France/Gaul section Chair: Alexandra Chavarría

11:15 Ausonius, Paulinus of Pella and beyond: the transformations of the landscapes of south-western Gaul
Simon Esmonde-Cleary – Professor of Roman Archaeology, University of Birmingham

12:00 La Gaule du sud entre Antiquité et MoyenAge (IV-VII s.). Peuplement, paysages, société
C. Raynaud – Directeur de Recherches au CNRS, Université de Montpellier

12:45 Discussion & Questions

13:15 Round Table Discussion. Conclusions

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