Anthropomotron – Forensic Anthropology Estimates Made Easy

Anthropomotron gathers and simplifies calculations used by anthropologists to estimate the height and body mass of an individual based on a few key measurements of their skeleton. For example, the user can enter the length of a femur and Anthropomotron will provide an estimate of the individual’s full standing height tailored to their sex and ancestry.

Anthropomotron is great for anthropologists who need these tools but would prefer them in one convenient place, educators teaching biological or forensic anthropology to their students, and people curious about real anthropological techniques.


  • Estimate adult stature using limb bone length using five samples from different places and time periods
  • Estimate body mass from a variety of skeletal measurements
  • Estimate the minimum number of individuals or the most likely number of individuals from the number of bones present in a collection
  • Conveniently presents techniques from many different published sources
  • Calculates fancy things like associated confidence intervals at several levels
  • Slick blue interface: just tap and swipe your way through a calculation!
  • Great for lab or field use on your smart device

Requires One of the Following:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Android device (compatibility may vary)
  • Web browser (except IE)

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