The Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Maps

Sul nostro gruppo Facebook, Małgorzata Margarite Radtke ci ha suggerito un bellissimo sito web che riproponiamo con piacere a tutta la comunità.
The Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Maps link to thousands of medieval manuscripts and hundred of libraries all over the World.

These maps were designed to help scholars and enthusiasts explore and discover digitized medieval manuscripts made available all over the world. There are hundreds of libraries that have digitized their manuscripts, but it is often difficult to find them. To circumnavigate this issue, we chose to use a crowdsourced approach:

Anyone who is aware of a digitized library that is not on the maps, can contribute by sending us an email with the library’s detail, and we will proceed to insert it in our publicly available spreadsheets.

These maps are being developed as you read. The data and the links may not be completely reliable: Manuscripts are being digitized all the time, some libraries change their websites, others go offline. It is difficult to keep track, as imaginable. But we do our best!

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