Post-Classical Archaeologies (PCA) n. 6 in Open Access

E’ disponibile in open access il 7° numero di PCA POST-CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGIES 2017



E. Oksanen Inland waterways and commerce in Medieval England R. Jones, R. Gregory, S. Kilby, B. Pears Living with a trespasser: riparian names and medieval settlement in the River Trent floodplain  (OPEN ACCESS)

L. Werther, L. Kröger Medieval inland navigation and the shifting fluvial landscape between Rhine and Danube (Germany) (OPEN ACCESS)

A. Dumont, P. Moyat, L. Jaccottey, C. Vélien, L. Chavoutier, N. Kefi, C. Chateau Smith The boat mills of the Doubs, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century (OPEN ACCESS)

P.G. Spanu Paesaggi di foce: il Tyrsus flumen e i porti medievali di Aristanis (OPEN ACCESS)

G.P. Brogiolo, J. Sarabia-Bautista Land, rivers and marshes: changing landscapes along the River Adige and the Euganean Hills (Padua, Italy) (OPEN ACCESS)

A. Arnoldus-Huyzendveld The Lower Tiber valley, environmental changes and resources in historical times (OPEN ACCESS)


C. Rivals The modeling of urban spatial dynamics in long time spans: the use of graph theory to study a block in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val (Tarn-et-Garonne, France) from the 14th to the 19th centuries (YOUNG RESEARCH PRICE/ OPEN ACCESS)

P. Arthur, A. Buccolieri, M. Leo Imperiale Experimental rehydroxylation and the dating of early medieval ceramics. A southern Italian case study (OPEN ACCESS)

J. Herrerín López, L. Muñoz Ugarte, N. Sarkic, R. Dinarés Pathology in the Christian medieval necropolis of “La Magdalena”. Viana de Duero, Soria, Spain (14th-15th c.) (OPEN ACCESS)

A. Chavarría Arnau, F. Benetti, F. Giannetti, V. Santacesaria Building participatory digital narratives about medieval Padua and its territory (OPEN ACCESS)


M.Granieri Anticommons in cultural heritage (OPEN ACCESS)

E. Giannichedda, Appunti su periodi, metodologie e persone. Oltre il concorsone 2017 (OPEN ACCESS)


J. Terrier A historical overwiew of medieval archaeology in Swizerland (OPEN ACCESS)


D. Edwards, C. Rynne The history and archaeology of the Irish colonial

landscapes of Richard Boyle, 1st earl of Cork, c.1595-1643 (OPEN ACCESS)

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