PCA – POSTCLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGIES – Volume 4 (2014) in Open Access

E’ stato reso disponibile in Open Access Il quarto numero di PCA – POSTCLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGIES



S. Burri Reflections on the concept of marginal landscape through a study of late medieval incultum in Provence (South-eastern France) PCA YOUNG RESEARCHER AWARD

O. Vésteinsson et alii Expensive errors or rational choices? The pioneer fringe in Late Viking Age Iceland (OPEN ACCESS)

R. Schreg Uncultivated landscape or wilderness? Early medieval land use in low mountain ranges and flood plains of Southern Germany (OPEN ACCESS)

J.M. Martín Civantos Mountain domestication. Management of non-cultivated productive areas in Sierra Nevada (Granada-Almeria, SpaiN (OPEN ACCESS)

L. Peña-Chocarro, P. Alkain, M. Urteaga Wild, managed and cultivated plants in northern Iberia: an archaeobotanical approach to Medieval plant exploitation in the Basque Country (OPEN ACCESS)

D.E. Angelucci, F. Carrer, F. Cavulli Shaping a periglacial land into a pastoral landscape: a case study from Val di Sole (Trento, Italy) (OPEN ACCESS)

F. Redi Insediamenti estremi d’altura nell’Abruzzo interno: l’incolto e la pastorizia

A. Colecchia, S. Agostini Economie marginali e paesaggi storici nella Maiella settentrionale (Abruzzo, Italia) (OPEN ACCESS)


A. Castrorao Barba Continuità topografica in discontinuità funzionale: trasformazioni e riusi delle ville romane in Italia tra III e VIII secolo (OPEN ACCESS)

A. Porcheddu Morfologia e metrologia dei particellari post-classici: trasformazioni nella centuriazione a nord di Cremona (OPEN ACCESS)

A. Baeriswyl What shall we do with 10,000 small excavations a year? Quantity and quality in urban archaeology (OPEN ACCESS)


G.P. Brogiolo Comunicare l’archeologia in una economia sostenibile (OPEN ACCESS)

C. Holtorf, A. Högberg Communicating with future generations: what are the benefits of preserving cultural heritage? Nuclear power and beyond (OPEN ACCESS)

D. Kobialka Archaeology and communication with the public: archaeological open-air museums and historical re-enactment in action (OPEN ACCESS)

C. Bonacchi Understanding the public experience of archaeology in the UK and Italy: a call for a sociological movement in Public Archaeology (OPEN ACCESS)

G. Volpe, G. De Felice Comunicazione e progetto culturale, archeologia e società (OPEN ACCESS)

L. Richardson The Day of archaeology: blogging and online archaeological communities (OPEN ACCESS)


J. Wienberg Historical archaeology in Sweden (OPEN ACCESS)


E. Jantsma et al. The Dark Age of the Lowlands in an interdisciplinary light: people, landscape and climate in The Netherlands between AD 300 and 1000 (OPEN ACCESS)



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