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Un sito web per tenersi aggiornati sul progredire degli studi di Archeologia Medievale in Spagna.

Total Open Station

  This project aims at creating an application that allows the download of data from total station devices, a task which is usually done by proprietary, dedicated and Windows-only software. This project was

Riunioni interpretative sullo scavo di Miranduolo (SI)

Un’altra sperimentazione arriva dallo scavo di Miranduolo (SI) da parte del LIAAM (Dipartimento di archeologia medievale dell’Università di Siena): le riunioni interpretative dello scavo in corso. Insieme alla pubblicazione giornaliera del diario

Linux Day 2008

Il Linux Day è una manifestazione nazionale articolata in eventi locali che ha lo scopo di promuovere Linux e il software libero. Il Linux Day è promosso da ILS (Italian Linux Society)

British Medieval Architecture

Dal sito: The aim of this site is to aid research into British medieval architecture in wood, especially the late medieval open hall. Academic papers are offered alongside detailed information on the ‘Devizes


VAST2008 continues the tradition of excellence in the VAST symposia for technologies in service of cultural heritage. This year’s symposium emphasizes the ephemeral nature of the tangible/ intangible cultural heritage artifacts – archaeological

Miranduolo in Alta Val di Merse (Chiusdino – SI)

E’ in uscita il volume, curato dal prof. Marco Valenti, dedicato allo scavo del castello di Miranduolo. il progetto Miranduolo nasce alla fine degli anni ‘90 del XX secolo quando, con la

The Digital Curation of Cultural Heritage

Digital curation emerged as an important new concept in the theory and management of cultural information. It covers all of the actions needed to maintain digitised and born-digital cultural objects and data,

The 4th International Conference on Open Source Systems

Dal sito: Over the past decade, the Open Source Software (OSS) phenomenon has had a global impact on the way organisations and individuals create, distribute, acquire and use software and software-based services.

FOSS4G 2008

The OSGeo Conference Committee is pleased to announce that the 2008 Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, with the tentative dates