TRADE 2nd – 9th c. International conference Transformations of Adriatic Europe II – IX century

TRADE 2nd – 9th c. International conference

Transformations of Adriatic Europe 2nd – 9th century

Convegno internazionale

Trasformazioni dell’Europa adriatica tra II e IX secolo

11th – 13th February 2016
University of Zadar Department of Archaeology

TRADE – Transformations of Adriatic Europe (2nd – 9th c.) wishes to bring together all those specialists working in the Adriatic area on different archaeological aspects pertaining to the complex period of transformation between Roman antiquity and the Middle Ages.

We would like it to be an opportunity to share the results of the last years of field research in the different territories of the Adriatic area, but also to deal with more complex questions through six different sessions and posters:

  • Urban landscape transformations
  • Rural landscape transformations
  • Fortifications
  • Religious and funerary transformations (churches, monasteries, cemeteries etc.)
  • Regional trends for Late Roman and Early Medieval landscapes’ transformations (rural and urban)
  • Trade routes
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