Patterns, Processes & Understanding: historic aerial photographs for landscape studies

This conference aims to stimulate dialogue between those using historic aerial photographs in landscape studies. These underused, but very rich, sources of information for past landscape processes present opportunities and challenges that cross disciplinary boundaries. Significant urban and rural change has often intensively transformed landscapes, and historic (e.g. mid-20th century) imagery often offers unique information on areas that have changed dramatically. However, there are technical and logistical challenges, including lack of camera calibration and problems of access to collections, where shared experience will be valuable. Varying approaches to interpretation will provide stimulating ideas on current practice and future directions. By sharing experience across a wide range of landscape and historical studies, this conference hopes to encourage cross-disciplinary dialogue and shared solutions. 

The conference will be of interest to Archaeologists, Historians, Geographers, Cartographers, Planners, Environmental Scientists, Landscape Architects, Geologists and Geomorphologists, amongst others concerned with landscape processes in an historical context.

Poznan-Bedlewo, Poland, 24-26 April 2014

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