Spatial technologies and the medieval city

Spatial technologies and the medieval city
seminario di studi 24 marzo 2011
dipartimento di archeologia
Universita di Padova
Piazza Capitanato 7 – Padova


Keith Lilley – University of Belfast :
Urban morphology, spatial technologies and the medieval city
Gareth Dean – University of York :
Archaeology, GIS and the study of neighbourhood
Carly Deering – University of Liverpool :
Cluster and clash! Virtually bringing the late medieval town to life
Vincenzo Valente – University of Padua :
GIS technologies and spatial analysis: the case study of medieval Padua
Tim Bisshops – University of Antwerpen :
Deeds, GIS, and the detailed mapping of medieval Flemish and Brabantine urban communities: Antwerp ca 1400
Bastian Lefevre – University of Toulouse III Le Mirail :
How to describe and show dynamics of urban fabric: cartography and chronometry?
Jose M. Martin Civantos – University of Granada :
Documenting the city of Guadix: proposal for an information system

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