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In October 2004, the International Conference on Remote Sensing Archaeology was organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and hosted by the Joint Laboratory of Remote Sensing Archaeology (JLSRA). At that meeting an international team of experts was created in order to promote multidisciplinary activities of remote sensing archaeology throughout the world. In December 2006 the second International Conference was held in Rome (Italy) at the National Research Council.
We are happy to announce that on 17-21 August 2009 the third International Conference will be organized in India at Tiruchirappalli, one of the most significant heritage cities of South India, jointly by Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, the University of California, Merced andBerkeley, the University of Siena (Italy) and by the REACH Foundation, Chennai.
Recent decades have seen remarkable advances in remote sensing and digital applications in archaeology. Concepts such as space, place, landscape or better still “context” along with technological inputs into mapping and management of heritage, are becoming accepted and applied worldwide as conceptual frameworks in archaeology. The growing diffusion of such ideas and the application of spatial approaches using GIS, digital mapping and digitalization in archaeology, have opened a new lines of intellectual enquiry and have brought new insights into the past of the humankind.
The proposed symposium not only aim to take stock of the emerging trends in Remote Sensing but will also attempt to explore promising new research pathways along with multi-disciplinary interaction. There will also be discussion of topical and issues such as quality frameworks in archaeological remote sensing, interpretation, the commercial sector, conservation issues and so on. Particular attention will be paid to special topics such as Digital Cultural Atlases and Cultural and Natural Sites Resource Management.

17-21 August 2009 – Tiruchirappalli, India

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